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One of the great joys of our coming to Austin has been discovering tacos. And not that horrendous crap that is sold in South African supermarkets or (even worse) served by Taco Bell. Real tacos. Old-style tacos, handmade tortillas, breakfast tacos, fish tacos, tacos tacos tacos! And there are numerous great taco joints spread all across town. From Chango's on Guadalupe to the taco stand on 1st and Live Oak streets to the stuff they deliver to our office every Friday morning. Taco! Taco! Taco! On a recent drive out on highway 290 (towards the hill country) we swung by a taco joint that was meant to be the real deal ? Senor Buddy's at Buddy's Corner Store on 290 and Circle Drive. Buddy's is actually a convenience store and gas station which was bought by Curra's Grill two years ago. Curra's is a super-popular Mexican restaurant in South Austin, known for their down-home cooking based on the Garcia family's grandma recipies from Nueva Rosita in central Northern Mexico. When Curra's bought Buddy's Corner store they transplanted a trimmed down menu selection to a take-out kitchen in the back.

We arrived just before lunch on a sunny Sunday and should immediately have known that we had made the right decision when we saw the Sherrif's cruiser parked in the shade out front. Always eat where the cops eat. The store itself is very unassuming and at the time we were there the gas pumps were far busier than what the kitchen was; although the heat was all inside. Being Sunday morning we were the only people placing orders. It works as follows: check out the short menu at the cashier's counter, get your drinks from the fridge, pay up front, head out back and wait to be called for your pick up. Of the three staff in the store only the manageress, Julieta, spoke workable English and once we admitted to being South African we ended up talking quite a while about her World Cup traveling exploits. She has attended five world cups and will be going to 2010 in South Africa. She always follows Mexico and supports the USA when Mexico isn't playing.

But back to the food; we ordered a Buffalo Burger and a Tacos Pastor which is two roast pork, cilantro, onion & pineapple tacos served with refried beans and rice. Tacos Pastor as served by Curras Grill was named one of Texas Monthly's 63 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die and it shows. Delicious. There's also some poetic justice in that the #1 taco to eat before you die (as per Texas Monthly) is also served by a gas station ? Fuel City in Dallas. I have a soft spot for non-gourmet workday food and what better way to serve a taco than out back at a gas station convenience store on 290 West towards Johnson City. To Julieta and Pamela who run Senor Buddy's, muchas gracias ? or rather, let me not patronize you with my tourist attempt at Spanish. Thank you ? delicious ? $25 premium at pump 3.
Werner - Highway 290, Tx

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